Some clarifications about campers

About 1 week ago a post came from zeptolab:

Thieves, the latest challenge has forced us to pay more attention to so called campers. Camper is a thief who avoids gathering of green experience crystals during dungeon attacks. Camping generates problem when mature thieves with advanced traps and dungeon designs rob newcomers, who can do nothing in return. Also they’ve got advantage over other experienced players of higher levels, who struggle among themselves.
And now we all face a situation when several hundreds of players spoil the game for hundred thousands.
We’ve investigated the problem, levelling process and calculated minimal level value which correlates with overall number of single and multiplayer attacks performed by a user. According to our data, a regular player’s level is 3-5 times higher than this minimal value. Since it is not possible to complete some levels gathering no experience crystals, level values of some campers look weird, because sometimes they are 10 times smaller than mentioned minimal level. And it means that some campers use cheats to avoid experience crystals. This statement was confirmed by data digging and profile checks.
We understand that there are also honest campers who play the game. However they spoil game experience of newcomers too. Thus, from now on, we consider camping an exploit which will be fixed in future. First of all, we’re going to dig our player base and find all campers both cheating and honest and deal with them accordingly. And yes, there’s nothing to fear if you’re a fair camper, just be prepared for the fix.


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How to orb farm and continue to get 30 orbs from guild

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King of thieves – 2.5 update

UNIQUE GEMS WITH SPECIAL ABILITIES. Nobody knows where these unique gems came from and what strange artifacts they hold inside. The legends tell that they belong to the gods, who have their own big plan and thus have been distributing them on purpose. What is definitely known, however: the only way to get hold of a unique gem is to win a challenge.

FEATHER GEM. The first known unique gem is the Feather Gem. It has some special abilities:
– Gives a bonus of 15 orbs if used in a ritual.
– It is disguised during the ritual (other players can’t see it until they reach the chest).
– Cannot be retrieved.

The only way to get the Feather Gem is to win a challenge!

CHALLENGES. Every weekend, thieves from all over the world gather to fight for unique gems in different thievery disciplines. Don’t miss it!

CHAT IMPROVEMENTS. We’ve added automated messages about Guild Battle results with a list of top contributors and dungeon save alerts to the guild chat.

TRAPS CAN’T BE PLACED OVER THE TOTEM. It will help attackers to see what gems are fused in rituals. It also disables some equivocal trap configs. The validator may reset some of them, sorry for that.

GUILD NEWCOMERS. Players who join the guild during the Guild Battle will have to skip the round. Their delta will not accumulate and they will not receive any rewards until the next round.

RICOCHET AND GRAVITY BUGS ARE FIXED. No more instafists in your neck and other surprises.

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Free potions!

Hey thieves! Do you know that you can get free potions each time you finish your ritual? All you need is to put gems of the same color to your totem. Different colors give different potions. Here is a small picture for you of how to get the right potion!


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King of Thieves – Ice World Campaign – level 81 – 96 Walkthrough

Thanks to JustBerto, we have all the new 16 level from Ice World Campaign!
Have fun!

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King of Thieves – Update 2.4 details

NEW TRAPS. Meet the new traps! Gravity Switch inverts the gravity. Ricochet flies through the dungeon and bounces off its walls!

NEW LOCATION. Conquer the Ice World with 16 single-player levels, 3 totem dungeons, and 1 big gem mine!

GUILD SEARCH. Now you can find any guild by its name, so it’s easier to recruit new players.

DUNGEON TESTING. Test dungeons of your friends and guildmates to help them assess if their defenses are set up properly.

REPORT BUTTON. Now you can report cheaters and inappropriate names with a special button placed near the player’s nickname. Thanks for your help and continued support!
only for u
GUILD LEVELS AND BONUSES. Level up your guild by winning guild battles and increasing guild rating! Guild levels grant special bonuses to all guild members.

SKIP CAPPED TO 300 after level 30.

GUILD LEADERS CAN GIVE AWAY THE BUTTON to another guild member of their choice.

ABUSE OF EARLY TOTEMS was closed. It’s no longer impossible to place large gems into first totems and start rituals.


HELPSHIFT INTEGRATED IN THE GAME. Get answers on your questions right faster.

Gems will auto cap on 999.999 with guild bonus so it will not jump over 1 mil.

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How to farm Orbs

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5 Quick Tips for Zeptolab’s King of Thieves

King of Thieves Gem Mines

1. Gem Mines

One of many compliments I’d heap on King of Thieves is that basically all modes of the game are worthwhile. Chief among these is the single player campaign. Many beginners will feel less intimidated taking on the pre-canned bases, and it is a nice way to make just a little bit of extra gold if you are good at it. There are various aspects I could get into which are beneficial, but to me the huge draw of the campaign mode is Gem Mines. Gem Mines, like the name implies, give you free random gems on a set interval. This is incredibly useful because gems can be fairly hard to steal from opponents early on, and yet often stolen from you. They have a gold equivalent value if you want to cash them in, and when they are ready to harvest they can also be left in place indefinitely without any risk of looting.

Pro Tip The lower end Gem Mines don’t produce very valuable gems, but they produce them pretty quickly. Try to harvest them regularly until you get a color you’ve been waiting for, and then you can let them sit. Also keep in mind that if you are close to an upgrade and need just a little more cash, gems in your mines can be sold.

King of Thieves Pathing

2. Pathing

Despite what feels like a lifetime of tower defense and platformer experience, there are nuances to King of Thieves that are very hard to catch at first. One that I only recently figured out is the “pathing” of your ninja. When the level starts you will run right until you encounter a wall, and you can only change direction be first jumping off a wall. That’s pretty obvious after your first few raids. What is not obvious is that you can subtly alter your forward speed by jumping due to the arc of your jump. If you raid a base and find that you nearly instantly run into an obstacle you can’t avoid, this is probably why. Use this knowledge to your advantage, clever ninja.

King of Thieves Gem Management

3. Gem Defense

As with games like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, raiding is a fact of life in King of Thieves. One of the very interesting design choices though, is the presence of persistent material wealth in the form of Gems. Gems are akin to trophies in CoC, and can be stolen from other players to rank up. They can also be “grown” via Gem Mines as mentioned above. Needless to say, if you like the prizes and thrill of competition that come with high Gem totals, you’re going to want to protect your good ones, but every sticking-fingered ninja in town is constantly drilling your defenses trying to get in and pilfer your totem. Play defensively, and don’t expose all of your best Gems at the same time. Grow your wealth slowly, and the constant looting won’t hurt as much.
Pro Tip If you turn on notifications, King of Thieves will alert you immediately when a gem is stolen so you can act fast to maximize your shields effectiveness. If you miss the window by a mile, its often worth waiting for the next shield before restarting the Ritual.
Pro Tip Keep a close eye on the clock when you get interrupted with very little time left. This can present the rare opportunity to substitute one of your most precious Gems without any risk of losing it.

4. Suiting up

Outfits are a huge upgrade that separate the “noobs” from the big dogs. All outfits generally grant more hit points, which means more attempts at an enemies base before you lose a star and take a hit on Gold and Gem percentages. Most outfits also have special talents which improve your odds on loot or have other beneficial affects. Since outfits require rare ingredients, only a few will be available to you in the early game. Here are some tips on the first few:

  • Nimble Foot – You’ll be prompted to make this outfit by the in game tutorial. It’s a good upgrade from the default Simple Black because of the extra hitpoints, but it doesn’t grant you any additional powers. Because of this, I would recommend not spending precious materials on upgrades past level 1.
  • Golden Blaze – Golden Blaze is similar to Nimble Foot, except that it also grants you a percentage increase when looting gold. This seems exciting at first, but it turns out to only be a really significant factor in 2 and 3 star wins. If you tend to 1 star a lot, this outfit won’t do much for you.
  • Lucky Face – The first really impressive outfit in my opinion, Lucky Face gives you a significant increase in Gem stealing chances. Even against tougher bases where 1 stars are frequent, Lucky Face gives you a shot at stealing a Gem. Since Gems can be traded for gold, and increase your rank (which periodically nets you gold) Lucky Face can be a fairly viable outfit for “all-purpose” farming.

King of Thieves Potions

5. Potions

Unlike a lot of free to play mobile titles, I find the “boosts” in King of Thieves to be fairly balanced and a welcome addition. Potions grant you a variety of advantages which either make your odds of defeating a tough base better, or make the result more profitable. When a really tasty base shows up, I find it very worthwhile to spend a few hard earned potions to tip the scales in my favor. You start the game with a certain number of Potions, and you will also find them randomly behind fake keyholes as you play. Why wait for that though, when you can make them yourself. Any time you perform a totem ritual with a complete matching set of gems, you’ll also produce a Potion. Each color of gem produces a different type of Potion as follows:

Gem Color Potion Created
Blue Gang of Thieves
Green Slow Motion
Purple Ghost
Red Disable Trap
Yellow Double Gold

Pro Tip At certain times when you aren’t trying to be very competitive in your current League, you can use cheap Gems from your mines to farm Potions. Get a Ritual going, and then just keep dumping the Gems in your mines if they aren’t the right color. This way you will usually have Gem of the right color to substitute any time a Gem gets stolen, and if some cheap Gems get stolen in the process its no big loss.

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King of Thieves – FAQs

What is King of Thieves?
King of Thieves (or just KoT) is a mobile platformer game that combines  tower defense and PVP multiplayer components into one unique mix. Dodge traps and steal gold from other players to become the wealthiest thief in the world!

Do I have to pay for this game?
You can download and play the game for free. Additional in-game currency can be purchased for real money, but you can always earn it by completing missions, winning leagues and breaking locks. To restrict in-app purchases, simply adjust the settings on your device.

What’s the goal of the game?
The ultimate goal is to become the wealthiest thief in the world by collecting the most valuable gems. Players can retrieve gems in mines, but the most efficient way to get them is through stealing them from each other. Stealing in KoT is not considered a bad thing; instead, it’s considered a national sport here.
However, it’s not enough to just collect the best gems – it’s also important to defend them from other players.

How can I move to another dungeon?
You must complete all rituals in your current dungeon before moving on to the next one. The teeth in the Totem’s mouth represent the amount or remaining rituals. Once the Totem has fallen apart, it makes sense to move on to continue performing rituals.

How can I get more gold?
1) Upgrade your Gold Mine Capacity and production speed. Your Gold Mine will bring you a steady gold revenue.
2) Upgrade your Skull Gold Bonus to get more coins for collecting skulls left by other players in your dungeon. This is especially effective when you have a good defense.
3) Use the Golden Blaze outfit (or any other outfits with Steal Gold Bonus) to steal more gold from other players.
4) Use the Skip button in multiplayer mode to find an opponent with a large amount of gold in his chest.
5) Compete in leagues for larger coin rewards.

What is the HP bar needed for? My thief dies each time he gets into a trap!
Each time your character gets into a trap, the HP is decreased depending on the level of that particular trap. Lower HP means less gold in the chest and a lower chance of stealing a gem from the Totem. You can increase your HP by crafting and upgrading your outfits.

Can I steal from a specific person?
Not at the moment.

What do I need these green potions at the bottom of the dungeon screen for?
Potions are useful to make it through a dungeon with less blood and tears. You can find them in the locks or earn them by completing rituals with gems of the same color.
There are 5 kinds of potions:
1) Gang of Thieves – magically clones your character, allowing you to sneak through tricky sets of traps.
2) Slow motion – slows time down, making it easier to find the right timing for jumps.
3) Ghost – shows you the ghost of the dungeon’s owner getting to the chest.
4) Disable Trap – randomly disables one of the traps in the dungeon
5) Double Gold – doubles the amount of gold earned from the chest….if you manage to reach it.

Are there any other ways to complete dungeons more easily?
Yes, actually there is a way. After 7 deaths in a dungeon, the trap that inflicted the most damage is disabled.

After moving, I can choose a trap set to install. Why should I pay hundreds or thousands of gold or orbs for other trap sets? They don’t look too impressive.
Expensive sets of traps come with harder and more advanced pre-made level designs, especially the third one. However, in many cases you can design a strong defense using basic traps, but it requires plenty of time and skill.

If I buy a set of traps, will they apply to the next dungeon?
No, traps only apply to the current dungeon.
If I upgrade a trap, would that upgrade apply to all traps of the same kind in my dungeons?
Yes. You do not upgrade a specific trap, but rather, a whole set of traps.

What advantages do these outfits give to a player?
Outfits increase your stats:
1) HP.
2) Chance to steal a gem.
3) Chance to steal the best gem available on a Totem.
4) Amount of gold you can steal from opponent.

Where can I get the ingredients to craft and upgrade the outfits?
You receive ingredients for each completed Totem ritual.

Why should I complete my own dungeon twice in a row?
This is meant to make all dungeons passable and fair for everyone. Completing a dungeon once can be an accident. Completing it twice in a row provides assurance that it can be completed by other mortals.

How does the “Retrieve” function work?
It allows you to recruit your Facebook friends to retrieve the gems stolen from you. Actually, those gems are copies of the ones stolen from you, because their new owners can already sell them or unite them with the other gems through rituals.

Can somebody steal gems from my Totem slots if I didn’t start a ritual?
No, your gems are safe. However, it is usually a good idea to put gems into the Totem and keep the ritual running in order to progress through the game.

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